These are the acknowledgements exactly as they appear in the book

I wrote this book because I wanted to learn answers to some of the questions I had about Canadian politics myself. (That might be the best reason to do any research.) Such as why there are such wild swings among the parties, why British Columbia elected mostly members of the right-wing Canadian Alliance to Parliament at a time it sent a socialist government to run the province, and why there is so much vituperation toward Quebec in Alberta than anywhere else.

I was raised 120 miles south of Winnipeg in Minnesota’s Red River Valley. We could get Canadian radio and television there, and my family made frequent trips to the ‘Peg and to a vacation home on Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario. This gave me a lot of exposure to things Canadian at an early age, and I was paying attention to politics even then. (I remember at age eight watching the results of the 1974 Canadian general election come in.)

After moving to greater Minneapolis, visits to Canada became less frequent. Some years after I graduated from the University of Minnesota and went to work in the Minnesota state government, I took a renewed interest in Canadian politics. I conceived this book in the summer of 1996. I laid out the places I wanted to visit in doing fieldwork, and I realized that such a trip would take me through most of Canada’s ridings. I thought it would not be much more work to visit all of them, but it was. I have made 34 trips to Canada since March 1996, including a two-month, 15,000- mile trip that took me from the Pacific Ocean to Quebec and into the territories. By the summer of 1997, I had visited every riding in Canada except Nunavut. By now, I have visited most of them twice, although Canada’s newest territory remains elusive.

I have formed impressions of each of the ridings, and what you will read here reflects what I have seen and experienced. It is this aspect of my writing that I hope will make this more than just a reference book. I have tried to convey the essence of each riding in its entry. I have designed the book so that even someone completely uninterested in politics can learn some things about Canada by reading the first paragraph of each riding entry.

Members of Parliament were of much help. I sought their input early on, and about a third of parliamentarians responded by sending the résumé or other information. Some added words of encouragement. While I was writing, I often thought of the words the Honourable Member for Saint John had written to me: “The project you have chosen is an immense one.” But happily I proved to myself that I could in fact write an entry about each of Canada’s 301 ridings. This book could not have happened without input from many earnest Canadians, and I thank the following people for taking the time to talk about Canadian politics: Campbell Alexander, Lloyd Axworthy, Larry Bagnell, Carlo Binda, Bill Blaikie, The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Kenneth Carty, Linda Dixon, Sue Edelman, John Firby, Hedy Fry, Royal Galipeau, Carolyn Graham, Rob Grant, Jonathan Havercroft, Alan Heisey, Richard Johnston, Bob Lancaster, Pat Martin, Charlie Mayer, Audrey McLaughlin, Brian Menton, Bob Reid, Hélène Roussel, Jason Stephens, Neil Sweeney, Greg Yost, a few who asked that I not mention their names, and many others whose names are unknown.

The following MPs responded to my requests for information and/or critically reviewed the draft of their riding: Diane Ablonczy, Peter Adams, Reg Alcock, Rob Anders, David Anderson of Victoria, David L. Anderson of Cypress Hills-Grasslands, Jean Augustine, Lloyd Axworthy, André Bachand, Roy Bailey, Colleen Beaumier, Mauril Bélanger, Eugène Bellemare, Carolyn Bennett, Leon Benoit, Gilles Bernier, Robert Bertrand, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Bill Blaikie, Ethel Blondin-Andrew, Ray Bonin, Paul Bonwick, Rick Borotsik, Don Boudria, Claudette Bradshaw, Garry Breitkreuz, Pierre Brien, Scott Brison, Bonnie Brown, John Bryden, Sam Bulte, Don Boudria, Andy Burton, Charles Caccia, Chuck Cadman, Murray Calder, Elinor Caplan, Bill Casey, Rick Casson, Jeannot Castonguay, Marlene Catterall, Yvon Charbonneau, Dave Chatters, Denis Coderre, David Collenette, Joe Comartin, Joe Comuzzi, Sheila Copps, Irwin Cotler, Roy Cullen, John Cummins, Libby Davies, Bev Desjarlais, Stéphane Dion, Norman Doyle, Claude Drouin, Antoine Dubé, Ronald Duhamel, John Duncan, Gordon Earle, Wayne Easter, Art Eggleton, Paul Forseth, Hedy Fry, John Godfrey, Yvon Godin, Peter Goldring, Ralph Goodale, Jim Gouk, William Graham, Herb Gray, Deborah Grey, Ivan Grose, Michel Guimond, Art Hanger, Dick Harris, John Harvard, André Harvey, Loyola Hearn, John Herron, Grant Hill, Jay Hill, Howard Hilstrom, Jake Hoeppner, Charles Hubbard, Rahim Jaffer, Marlene Jennings, Dale Johnston, Jim Jones, Joe Jordan, Gerald Keddy, Stan Keyes, Jason Kenney, David Kilgour, Gar Knutson, Derek Konrad, Karen Kraft Sloan, Walt Lastewka, Derek Lee, Sophia Leung, Clifford Lincoln, Judi Longfield, Yvan Loubier, Eric Lowther, Gary Lunn, James Lunney, Lawrence MacAulay, Alexa McDonough, Joe McGuire, John McKay, Anne McLellan, Grant McNally, Dan McTeague, Peter Mackay, Paul Macklin, Steven Mahoney, John Maloney, John Manley, Preston Manning, Richard Marceau, Sergio Marchi, Inky Mark, Keith Martin, Pat Martin, Paul Martin, Brian Masse, Réal Ménard, Val Meredith, Fred Mifflin, Peter Milliken, Bob Mills, Dennis Mills, Maria Minna, James Moore, Mark Muise, Lynn Myers, Robert Nault, Anita Neville, Gilbert Normand, John Nunziata, Lorne Nystrom, Lawrence O’Brien, Patrick O’Brien, Deepak Obhrai, Stephen Owen, Massimo Pacetti, Jim Pankiw, Denis Paradis, Bernard Patry, Charlie Penson, Jim Peterson, Pierre Pettigrew, Beth Phinney, Jerry Pickard, David Pratt, George Proud, Carmen Provenzano, Karen Redman, Julian Reed, Geoff Regan, Scott Reid, John Reynolds, John Richardson, Nelson Riis, Lucienne Robillard, Svend Robinson, Allan Rock, Jacques Saada, Benoît Sauvageau, Andy Savoy, Andy Scott, Mike Scott, Lou Sekora, Carol Skelton, Monte Solberg, Kevin Sorenson, Bob Speller, Larry Spencer, Jane Stewart, Darrel Stinson, Peter Stoffer, Paul Szabo, Andrew Telegdi, Robert Thibault, Greg Thompson, Myron Thompson, Tony Tirabassi, Vic Toews, Paddy Torsney, Rose Marie Ur, Tony Valeri, Lyle Vanclief, Maurice Vellacott, Joseph Volpe, Judy Wasylycia-Leis, Elsie Wayne, Susan Whelan, Randy White, Bryon Wilfert, John Williams.

I am also grateful to these Parliamentary staffers for responding to my queries: Kim Arp, Rita Savoie Awad, Nancy Baker, Annick Barabé, Theresa Bell, Gina Bernard, Lynda Bertoncello, Andrew Bevan, Jonathan Bishop, Myrion Bogner, Daria Bradbury, Rayannae Brennan, Anna Bucci, Fiona Chan, Michèle Charbonneau, Corey Cooke, Michele Cooper, Michelle Cormier, Marie Denise Costello, Elaine Côté, Jesse Cringan, Laurie K. Deans, Mike Des Jardins, Daniel Dicaire, Jackie Doyle, Adam Dubroy, P. Daniel Emanuele, Jolyne Fergueson, Carole Field, Barbara Fortier, Patrick Frenette, Patrick Fry, Royal Galipeau, Jeff Garrah, Tony Genco, Louise Gilbert, Tanis Gilbert, Helen L. Goerzen, Barbara Haidn, Jack Haasbeek, Tyler Hague, Éric Hébert, Garth Hilderman, Meghan Housley, Heather Hudson, Lise Jolicoeur, Lene Jorgensen, Garry T. Keller, Patrick Kennedy, Lisa Kidd, Joan Kobus, Martin Kreuser, Allahan Lee, Yves J. Lemire, Kathryn M. Locke, Bob Loptson, Lynda MacKay, Jason Mallett, Stephen Mansell, Bobbie Martin, Anne Massicotte, Richard McGuire, Cathy McHugh, Wally McLean, Tara Mitchell, David J. Momotiuk, Leanne Moussa, Carole Nesbeth, Bernard Nunan, Silvana Pacetti, Catherine Parker, Christina Patterson, Mary Pecchia, Angela Pelrine, Rick Pollard, Alexis Prieur, Duncan Rayner, Coral Reimer, Michelle Renaud, Blake Richards, Madeleine Scott, Joan Shouldice, Katherine Silverwood, Francine Simard, Linda Smith, Kevin Spafford, Jamie Springer, Salpie Stepanian, Jonathan Stone, T.L. (Troy) Tait, Akim Thibouthot, Joanne Trépanier, Jamie Tronnes, Leslie Tropak, Jeremy Tse, Sinead Tuite, Dana Wall, Alice R. Willems, Paula Williams, Todd Williams, Jill Willis, Taras Zalusky, Alison Zinni.

Thanks go to Michael Parkin, W. Phillips Shively, Howard Pospesel, Rose Miskowiec, Frank Mann, and Bill Volna for reading the manuscript and offering suggestions. Special thanks go to Michelle Robichaud of the Library of Parliament for providing needed information and Sandra Burrows of the National Library of Canada for helping me find documents that were lost in the bureaucracy. Two people made my visit to Élections du Québec a pleasure: Mireille Loignon had everything I needed ready so I could just sit down and work, and Nicole Dansereau provided excellent support and even acted as an interpreter. My good friend James A. Cherry provided excellent hospitality on my many visits to Ottawa, and I am grateful for help provided by Dominion Carillonneur Gordon Slater, whose bell-playing makes everyone’s visit to Parliament Hill a little nicer. Without the research space provided at nominal cost by the Minneapolis Public Library, this book might well have never been written, and I thank Edward Kukla and his staff for many small favours. Thanks go to Gary Pietila of the Canadian Consulate in Minneapolis for lending me reference books. Sara Halvorson and Leslie Frates did an excellent job helping me read French documents. These people helped in special ways: Brian Bantz, Kelly Osten, Mickie Osten, Steve Troy. Special thanks to Dad & Mom for all those trips to Canada when I was (much) younger and to Grandpa & Grandma for letting me visit their summer cottage on the Ontario side of Lake of the Woods. Thanks to Jeanette Holmen for helping me find Lynn Canyon Park.

I am currently a graduate student in political science at the University of Minnesota. When I was an undergraduate, I wrote a paper about the Canadian Senate for one of the leading scholars of our department, Professor W. Phillips Shively. He described the paper as “not very interesting” (which is what some people say about the Senate too). I strive to avoid this characterization from Professor Shively in writing about the other chamber of the Canadian Parliament.

Tony L. Hill
October 31, 2002

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